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A series of 30 videos about people leading the way to a more sustainable life in Bali from Kevin Kumala, founder of Avani, a Balinese start-up that produces biodegradable products, to Green School founder John Hardy to Melati and Isabel, two sisters who have convinced Bali to go plastic bag-free by 2018.

Watch this man drink a “plastic” bag

Kevin Kumala, 32, is revolutionizing plastic packaging in Indonesia, a country where 130,000 tones of waste ends up in our ocean everyday.

Kumala’s start-up, Avani, a Bali-based start-up that provides biodegradable straws, bags and food packages, has launched a bag made from industrial cassava starch. The bag is 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable, and has passed oral toxicity tests and causes zero harm to nature.

In a recent episode of my series #PickUpAPieceOfTrash, exploring some of the great work that individuals in Bali are doing to promote a more sustainable world, Kumala drinks a glass of his bag to prove it’s natural.

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